COVID19 Letter To Parents

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Dear Parents, 


We wanted to share some information regarding grading practices that are being used during the school closure, but first want to take a moment to recognize all the hard work you are putting in day in and out during this time. We know that many of you still have jobs that you are reporting to and now have the added stress of having kids at home or trying to find childcare during the day. We also know that you want what is best for your child and are working hard to ensure that the work that is being sent home is completed. 


Our goal during this time is to continue to extend thinking and give students the opportunity to be engaged in academic work. It is not to have you spend hours with your child at the table in frustration. You know your child better than anyone and know when it is time to stop for the day. We are looking for engagement, effort, and communication with teachers at this time. If your child is struggling to complete work please contact their teacher to discuss accommodations that can be made to help them be successful. 


At the Elementary we are using Standards-Based Approach: Students will maintain all standard scores received at the end of third quarter because testing will not be available. Students will continue to work on grade level standards using both paper learning packets and online programs. All work that is turned in via paper packet or online will be reviewed by teachers so they can continue to provide the students with what they need. 


You’re probably wondering how does this work with grades?  At the Secondary we are using what is called Hold Harmless Plus Competencies:  Which means students meeting minimum expectations on assignments will experience hold harmless grading.  Currently the secondary is using a rubric to determine minimum expectations. Grades from the end of the 3rd quarter could go up, but not down if students continue to try and do quality work according to the rubric.  We are grading all work for the 4th quarter and will work with parents to make modifications and adjustments to assignments as needed for student success. In an effort to be transparent and communicate with students, work that has not yet been received will go in the grade book as a 0 until it is received or accommodations with the teacher have been made. 


Please continue to turn work in at the school located in the old gym foyer. The foyer is open and accessible 24 hours a day.  You may also scan or send pictures of completed work to the student’s teachers via email, Dojo, or Remind. 


As we close, the Plato School District wants to once again thank you for all you are doing for your child during this time.  We can not wait to have students back in school. We will have information soon about graduation, prom, and summer school. If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s work please contact their teacher directly. Teacher emails can be found on the district webpage at


Thank you,

The Administrative Team

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