Belleisle, Kim

Kimberly Belleisle (formally Kimberly Foreman) has been teaching at Plato R5 since 2009. She started out as a 3rd grade teacher, moved to 6th grade and is currently teaching 4th grade. Originally from Western New York, Ms. Belleisle is a graduate of St. Bonaventure University with a Bachelor’s in Education. She recently obtained a Master’s degree in Educational Technology from Park University. Other teaching experiences include: Private Christian School at Agape Christian in Ramstein, Germany, Tabernacle Christian in Clarksville, TN, 1st grade at St. Bethlehem Elementary, 2nd grade at Byrns L. Darden Elementary in Clarksville, TN. Ms. Belleisle is also a mother of three teenagers with two graduates from Plato R-V School District.

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Ms. Belleisle has a passion for facilitating student directed learning. Her students will be self-aware, creative, independent problem solvers, critical thinkers, great communicators, and collaborators. She believes in teaching her students leadership skills that will go far beyond 4th grade and will prepare them for their future. It is her goal to integrate technology into classroom instruction as much as possible while at the same time promoting a sense of digital citizenship. In her classroom, relationships are #1 and learning should be FUN! Kids don’t always have to know they are learning 😉

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